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Eng. Adam Hoffman

CEO and co-founder of ICDAT Ltd. (2014), A unique company in the field of advanced diamond technologies. ICDAT integrates all diamond manufacturing techniques as well as high-end solutions for diverse industries. Adam also co-founded ISROUGH Ltd. (2015). A manufacturing company in the field of Gem-stone diamonds and a Lab grown Diamond US commerce company (2016).

Adam acquired his first degree at Haifa University Via a leadership NAVY officer program (IDF) and his technological Material science and Chemistry qualification at Technion university. Adam has served in the IDF Navy where he had reached the rank of Major serving as missile ship deputy commander with extensive commanding experience.

Diamond Micro-Electronics


Diamond enhanced electronic devices release Moore’s law stale with next generation smaller, more powerful and more reliable components.

Diamond Tools Technology


Enhancing machining tools for handling Ultraband and Composite materials to enable the next generation of automotive and aircrafts

Diamond Space Propulsion


Developing electronic propulsion engines for 1U-12U CubeSats to enable space formation creation

Diamond Quantum Sensing


Creating the next generation of medical sensing devices and systems for more affordable, accurate and fast medical analysis and treatment.