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Diamond Micro-Electronics


Diamond enhanced electronic devices release Moore’s law stale with next generation smaller, more powerful and more reliable components.

Microelectronics heat management challenge of overheating is the prime cause for failure – power density and component miniaturization design and assembly trends are limited.

New media generation is striving on high power / high frequency miniaturized electronics. The end of silicon technology is approaching, setting a path to new superior materials realizing their full potential.

Diamond Tools Technology


Diamond coated machining tools enable automotive and aircraft manufacturers to increase the utilization of composite materials and ultra-hard alloys.Automotive and Aerospace ultrahard and composite material machining suffer from extreme tool wear and tear – next generation of composite material based products consequently delayed.

Composites offer 60% lighter, 150% safer and 180% fuel-efficient vehicles. composites also do not rust or corrode like steel or aluminum. These benefits will be realized once machining challenges are overcome.

Diamond Space Propulsion


Diamond space propulsion addresses Micro/Nanosatellite and small spacecraft mission propulsion challenge. Enabling orbit control using non-hazarders propellants for large delta-V maneuvers, formation flying and drag compensation.

Satellite technology no longer mandated by governments due to cube-sat platforms availability. Low earth orbit, global coverage, communication and sensing needs dictate formation flying missions requiring compact, low power and safe propulsion systems.

Diamond propulsion technology offers electrical green fuel propulsion providing thrust an order of magnitude higher than currently available. Enabling fast orbit maneuvering – serving critical time sensitive applications constrained by power and size budget.

Diamond Quantum Sensing


Diamond Quantum Detectors enable affordable, safer, non-radioactive and largely scaled sensitivity for early detection and effective tumor treatment.

Life science technologies today and bio sensing solutions present Harmful radioactive exposure, limited clinical sensitivity and unaffordable life-saving timely diagnostics.

Introducing ultra-sensitive diamond quantum detection technologies enables newer and safer energy sources moving medical imaging into the age of molecular medicine and genomics.